Dec 11, 2009

Friday Find.....alaskaleash

Having two rambunctious doggies of my own, I am always on the hunt for wonderful pet products tough enough to withstand my doggie duo (who tend to be super hard on their toys and such).

I stumbled upon this fabulous fellow Etsian last summer and spent hours going through all of the wonderful products she makes. Her leashes are extremely rugged and durable and handcrafted from mountain climbing rope. Built to last. Check these out:

I love the way the couplers look. I think I will have to splurge and get one for my pair of pups. They love to tangle their leashes when we go for our walks and it makes me totally CRAZY. I just want to hug Julie Clem over at alaskaleash for coming up with these marvelous things!

My dogs....ahh yes. Would you like to meet them? First there's Peanut.

We spent many hours searching online and made several visits to our local animal shelter before deciding to go meet her. There are so many animals looking for someone to care for them it was a bit overwhelming because our hearts went out to all of them. We finally found her on the website by doing a search for dogs in our area. We set up a time to meet her through the agency that had rescued her and her 4 siblings from an abusive situation. Peanut was the runt of the litter .....and the dominant dog of the pack! Such a determined personality in this little ball of fur! Bet you're wondering what breed she is huh?  Hahaha. It's only the most asked question whenever she's around! Her dad was a full blood Welsh Corgi and her mama was ...get this...Saint Bernard and Golden Retriever. What a match up, huh? They sure made a beautiful little girl though!

Then there's 'Quita (short for Poquita which means little girl). She is just the sweetest little thing ever.

When Peanut was about a year old we decided she needed a friend to play with, so once again, we hit the local animal shelter and searched online. We found 'Quita for sale on Craigslist and had to see her. The selling point for us was that she is a mix of Corgi, Boxer and Mini Aussie. We affectionately call her "The Tongue" because she licks EVERYTHING! It's amazing. Once, as she walked by our kitchen island she licked it once and kept walking! Weird. It made my daughter and me laugh for a long time.

Anyway, with these two around I am always looking for cool doggie things and I absolutely love alaskaleash!  Please go check it out. You could find a neat little gift for the pup in your life!

***If you are thinking of getting a pet, we would like to encourage you to check out your local animal shelter first and go to to search in your area. Then make time to go meet them before you make your choice. Each animal has a unique personality and it is important to find the one that is the best fit for you and your family. There are so many animals that deserve a good home sitting in shelters just waiting for someone like you to come along. Adopting an animal is a decision you should not take lightly. Puppies are cute, but they grow up to be dogs. If you adopt a pet, please make sure you are ready to make a lifelong commitment to care for and love them. They will reward you with their love and faithful companionship for the rest of their life.

Nov 24, 2009

Black Friday Weekend Deals!

Shop Handmade this Holiday Season
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Grab your gift lists and head to the shop this weekend for the best deals on
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Nov 27th - Nov 29th

All scarves: Buy One Get One 1/2 price!
(that's a $7.50 savings)
Crocheted from soft Lion Brand Homespun yarns in rich, beautiful colors, these lattice patterned scarves are a stylish way to keep your neck toasty warm while you're out in the cold weather. Give a wonderful handmade lemonade sun scarf to everyone on your list this year. Don't see your favorite color?
Contact me and I'd be happy to make a custom order just for you.

30% off all jewelry!
Find the perfect accessory for someone on your list (or treat yourself to a little something special) with my handcrafted jewelry. Perfect for moms, sisters, daughters, friends, coworkers....and more. If you see something you like, but wish it was in another color, size or design, please contact me. I would love to work with you to create something that suits your unique style.

20% off all hand carved stamps!
All of my stamps are designed right here in the studio and hand carved by me. Each one is a work of art that requires precision, patience, time and effort. Every stamp is carved to order and therefore completely customizable.

  • Add a name to personalize a design for that rubber stamp lover or scrapbooker you know.

  • Have a bibliophile in your family? Have a stamp created just for them to use as a bookplate.

  • Need a gift for a fellow Etsy shop owner? Have a customized stamp made with their logo and shop address. 

I love custom orders. Let's create something special for someone on your list!

Paying with Paypal?
How to use the code:
1. Choose the items you want to purchase and add them to your cart. Click "checkout".
2. Fill in your shipping information and click "final review".
3. Enter the code "BFSAVE" in the "message to seller" box and click "commit to buy".
4. Finish purchasing the items via Paypal. I will send you a refund for the amount of your total savings via Paypal before your order is shipped.

 Prefer NOT to wait for Paypal refund?
1. Choose the items you want to purchase and send me a convo with the code "BFSAVE" and your list.
2. I will change each of the listings for the items you want to "Reserved For: (you)" and discount the price to reflect your savings.
3. I will send you a convo telling you that process is completed.
4. You add each item and finish the payment process and enjoy your savings right away.


Introducing longjohns paperie

Well, I'm a bit behind in posting. I've been busy creating cards for the newest addition to the shop: longjohn's paperie.

I've wanted to add a line of cards to the shop for quite some time now, but I didn't want them to be just like everyone else's cards. There are so many super talented paper-masters on Etsy that I worried my creations would slip into the norm and get lost in the mix. I had been looking for that one thing that would make my card line unique and memorable. After browsing through magazines, card shops and online searching for creative inspiration, I was struck by an interesting idea one day. I really liked the look of some tall and skinny cards I had seen in a stamping idea book. I'm sure you've seen them around. They fit inside a business (A10) sized envelope. I know I get tired of sending the usual run of the rack greeting card, so I'm always on the look out for new and different presentations for my sentiments. I put the tall, skinny card idea in my mental file and started thinking of clever ways to market them or a memorable name they could go by. My oldest son piped up in one of my audible self-brainstorming sessions (a.k.a. "mom's talking to herself again") and told me he thought I should call the cards longjohns. Hmph....longjohns. Longjanes? Longjohns?...........yeah. I liked it. Brilliant. It's like a long card for your John Hancock. Ha! Wonderful. Thanks, son.
There you have it. The birth of longjohns paperie. But that wasn't the end of it. Now I had to create a brand look. Something not like everyone else's. That's when I ran across the perfect long envelopes for the cards. What do you think?

Stay tuned for news about the upcoming Black Friday Weekend Deals!
I'll post info about that tomorrow.

For now, have a marvelous day and remember to shop handmade for the Holidays.

Nov 5, 2009

An early Friday Find.............another wonderful collage

Hello little lovelies! Here it is Thursday again already. Things are about to get crazy around here for a bit. My oldest daughter is going in for surgery to remove a thyroglossal duct cyst (in her throat) that keeps getting infected. Though not necessarily life threatening (though we certainly came close with the last infection), the cyst is a constant lump in her throat and flares up in irritation with any cold or sickness she contracts and we've opted to have it removed. It is an outpatient surgery so she will come home tomorrow evening sometime to rest and recover here. We are looking forward to her much better health after the healing process is finished.

My youngest daughter is due to have a gigantic birthday bash to celebrate her "golden" birthday next week. For those of you who don't know, a golden birthday is an occasion that only happens once in your life when the date of your birthday matches up with the age you are turning. She was born on November 10th so her 10th birthday party is scheduled to be a fantastically huge production! I was not quite as fortunate with mine as I was only 3 when it occured and my mother was not aware of such a concept. I suppose I will just have to live vicariously through each of my children's parties :)

Due to the fact that I will be at the hospital for most of the day tomorrow, I thought I'd share some of my favorite thanksgiving holiday items from Etsy a little early for tomorrows Friday Find feature. I've compiled another collage since I love the way the last one came out. I've listed each piece and the corresponding shop owner with links to both below so browse away. Each item reflects this wonderful season in my opinion. Enjoy the autumnal/wintery weather wherever you are this week!

Sit back and have a nice hot cup of cocoa for me,

Nov 3, 2009

Ingenuity at work...

I ran across this video posted by rikrak during one of Etsy's virtual labs recently on packaging and was immediately drawn to the idea. The technique is called Furoshiki wrapping. Used for centuries in Japan, this wrapping technique had begun to fade with the post-war introduction of plastic shopping bags, but in recent years it has seen renewed interest as environmental protection became a concern. Furoshiki are most commonly used to wrap lunch boxes (or bento boxes) in and double as a placemat for the lunch. I know I could think of several different things I would use it to wrap. How about you? What a great way to use scraps of fabric left over from those sewing projects. Check out the videos I've posted below for examples of beautiful furoshiki wrapping.

Oct 30, 2009

Friday Find........glitter me!

Today I am in the mood to decorate my house for the upcoming holidays. I've spent a good part of the morning pouring over options and ideas from so many talented Etsians, but one item in particular jumped out at me today. That was this wonderfully simple and yet elegant sign by glitter me that sums up the entire holiday focus for my family:

She has several others in her shop that I added to my wish list for my dear husband who casually asked me what I wanted for Christmas the other night. Well, he really opened himself up to this one. I don't think he realized quite how long my wish list has become ;)  Anyway, here are a couple more of my favorites by glitter me:

Check out her sparkly little etsy shop right here for more gorgeous glittery signs!
What's on YOUR wish list this year?

Oct 23, 2009

Friday Find....Celebrating the Harvest

The rain poured down outside today while I browsed through Etsy's seasonal items under the search term "pumpkin". When I look for my Friday Find items, I typically open the possibilities in another tab and keep browsing, then I go back through them and whittle it down to one or two really good ones. After only a few minutes of looking today, I realized I had opened 23 tabs in my browser! Well, this was going to be more difficult than I had thought. Looking back through the items, I could not decide which ones to feature. That is why today's Friday Find is my lovely collage of Harvest-themed beauties. Enjoy!

1 Pumpkin Orange Tutu by bellasbowtique2008
2 Ireland Wool Pumpkin by WillowCreekSparrow

3 Aunt Helen's Pumpkin Bread by jewelofthelion

7 Fabric Pumpkins by vickisheehan

Click on the links above to check out more wonderful work from these fabulous Etsy sellers! I'm going to take a few minutes for myself today.......maybe I'll brew myself a cup of hot tea and curl up on the couch (while the rain continues to pour) and rest while my little monkey takes a nap.

Oct 19, 2009

Due to unforseen production trouble with the supplier of my carving material, I will not be able to accept custom orders for stamps right now. She's having difficulty with the product production so I am in a stall pattern at the moment. I suppose it gives me the opportunity to focus on filling up my Paperie section since I only have one card listed. I just ordered some really cute envies from an online envelope company, so I can't wait until they get here!

As always, I have a million different ideas of things I could make and not enough hours in my day to focus on making them. I promise you I am working on it, though. I checked into places that could produce a rubber stamp image from my own designs to see if it be economical and found an interesting potential option for sometime in the future. I'm keeping that one on the back burner for now as I don't have the steady influx of finances to make it happen right now. Someday I will though! I know it.

October has been a good month for me. I am very pleased. I've been implementing more marketing advice and spending more time optimizing my productivity (which means simply less messing around when I need to be working) and I can see some results.

Thank you again to all who participated in my online survey last month. The results have been food for much thought and were encouraging to me. I am developing a couple new product ideas which are still in the tweaking stage, but hopefully I can implement them before the holidays to help with sales.

Hope you all have a wonderful week. Mine will be a busy one as usual.
Bless you,

Oct 16, 2009

Friday Finds....Of Home and Hearth Treasury

Today I was inspired to do a treasury for Treasury West. With the chill of fall crisply in the air, I am drawn toward all things "home"...from cozy fireplaces and toasty blankets to delicious homemade jams and jellies. Anything that came to mind I used as a search keyword. These are just a few of my wonderful finds today:

You can see the whole treasury HERE until Sunday evening. Now, go curl up next to that crackling fire with a cup of hot cider or cocoa and a cozy blanket and enjoy the crispness of autumn.

Oct 13, 2009

Paperie projects......the order of the day

Ahh...finally. I am working this week on filling up the Paperie section in the shop. It's been very empty since I sold the last journal I had. I will get cracking and make some more of those here in the next month, but for now I am working on the stationery end of things. I made a couple of this card yesterday just for fun.

Today I'll be trying my hand at something new. I found some really cute A10 envies in a shop online the other day which inspired me to try some A10 cards. These are the ones that would fit in a business sized (or #10) envelope, for those of you who might not know what an A10 is. To be honest, I didn't either until I looked it up.

These cards are sometimes called "tall and skinny". I thought I should think up a new cute name to call them in the shop. My son thinks I should call them "longjohns"......I think I really like it. Or I could call them "longjanes".....hmmm. We'll see what I decide when it's time to list.

Oct 9, 2009

Friday Find.....cottagehomedecor

Well, better late than never, huh? I'm a little off my posting schedule, but since today is still Friday I thought I'd post this lovely little shop as my latest fabulous Friday Find.

Cottagehomedecor's etsy shop is just getting started, but Linda is not new to the online retail market being a veteran ebay seller with an outstanding 100% approval rating.

I'm a sucker for anything "shabbychic"-ish and the country cottage style has caught my eye for many, many years now. When I stumbled upon Linda's little shop I was not surprised to find myself clicking away on her darling items. My personal favorite is this:

I think it was the color that grabbed my attention first. I absolutely love that color! (In fact, I love it so much that I painted my entire downstairs bathroom that color... with white stripes on one wall)

Please check out her shop if you love the beauty of country cottage decor. You will not be disappointed. I cannot wait until she fills her etsy shop to the brim. I will be like a kid in the proverbial candy shop!

Have a fabulous Friday!

Oct 1, 2009

And the Winner is.....

Alright, the numbers are in. There were 10 people who finished the survey on my stamps. I want to say thank you to you if you were one of them. I received lots of encouragement and insight from all of your responses. I have several new ideas mulling around in my brain now as a result.

And speaking of results, I suppose you want to know who the lucky winner of the 50% off coupon code is, don't you? Ok, I'll tell. I used the random number generator at to determine the winning name.

Congratulations go to Michelle Isom!

I will send out an email to Michelle today containing the coupon code and instructions on how to use it to save 50% off whatever she orders from the shop...whenever she decides she wants to use it.

Here are a couple screen shots in case you were wondering:

Thank you again for all of your responses. I learned quite a lot and you can look forward to more surveys in the future. Now I'm off to finish up the first issue of my newsletter. If you haven't signed up to be on the mailing list you can do so here.

Sep 22, 2009

The Buzz....

When I first thought about starting my own business, I had visions of a little boutique storefront with a shabby-chic type french country atmosphere full of lemonade sun productions ....well, productions. I imagined, as I'm sure all budding entrepeneurs do, that I would be nearly overrun with orders and customers would be taken by all of my creations. Well, though I have yet to achieve such fame and notoriety, I am taking one step closer to that little storefront. At least in the cyber world.

I have spent the last 2 weeks designing my own website with the help of a wonderful website called
I have to say as someone who knows hardly anything about web design, I am loving their drag and drop features! What fun! I have spent many hours in front of my computer simply playing with all the different options they supply. If you are in the market for wonderful flash websites, portfolios, flyers and even MySpace layouts, Wix is the editor for you. Check it out. Best part about it: it's free!

Now all I have to do is get myself a domain name next payday and will be up and running! I'm so excited!

Sep 15, 2009

What do you say?

Ok, I've been simply curious about a few things for far too long now, so I've created a nice little survey about my shop lemonade sun productions . Now, in order to really get an idea of what people think about the things I am curious about, I need audience participation. Not just a little......a LOT.


I've come up with an incentive for you to participate in my survey. A carrot...if you will. Come on now, here's your chance to score. Don't miss it!

Check out my shop at and look around a bit. Make sure to check out a few of the stamps. Then be one of the first 100 people to take part in my survey between now and September 30th and you will have your name entered in a drawing to take place on October 1st. What's it for, you're wondering? So glad you asked.

One 50% off coupon code
for any item of your choice at
You may use the code at your convenience on anything you see in the shop or on a custom order item just for you! Christmas is right around the corner. You could use it to score a great deal on a gift for that certain someone on your list. it's all up to you. Just click on the link in the sidebar right over there to take the survey and have your name entered in the drawing. Don't miss out on your chance to win big!

Sep 11, 2009

Friday Find.....BagsByColette

Hello again! It's time for another fabulous Friday Find on Etsy.

I've been on the lookout for a new purse lately, so I thought I'd check out Etsy's wonderful world of artisans and see what I could find. It didn't take long to stumble across one that caught my eye.  I am in love with these lovelies by a wonderful fellow Etsian, BagsByColette! (click the link to check out her fabulous shop)
I am a sucker for rich, gorgeous bright colors and these bags have it all. Definitely going on my Christmas list!
Congrats to Colette too because as of June 15th she quit her day job as a Civil Engineer Technician in Louisiana to devote herself to her husband and 4 yr old and to flourish in her Etsy business. All the best to you, my dear! You can make it happen.

Sep 5, 2009

Friday Find......mmmm! Hungry?

Hi there,
It's been awhile since I posted a fabulous friday find. I was inspired with today's theme as I perused our local fresh food market full of delicious summer fruits and vegetables. I did a search on Etsy for edibles and found this scrumptious collection of goodies. Check out Etsy for your favorite delights and I'll bet you will find 'em.

Sep 1, 2009

While we sleep.....

I woke up to a treat today. There were two messages in my etsy inbox notifying me that one of my items has been chosen to be part of someone's treasury! What fun! Here are the links to the respective treasuries so you can check them out, but remember that the treasury is only available for a few days before it expires. Enjoy!

"Sneakers on the Fly" by justjanesthings
"The jewels that CAST fall colors!" by  my fellow C.A.S.T. team member abbasgirl

Thanks ladies! You made my day.

I'm also working on a custom stamp order for Boise Beanie Company over on 1000markets. Check out her great little shop for the cutest beanies for your little bean! Here's my favorites:


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