The Buzz....

When I first thought about starting my own business, I had visions of a little boutique storefront with a shabby-chic type french country atmosphere full of lemonade sun productions ....well, productions. I imagined, as I'm sure all budding entrepeneurs do, that I would be nearly overrun with orders and customers would be taken by all of my creations. Well, though I have yet to achieve such fame and notoriety, I am taking one step closer to that little storefront. At least in the cyber world.

I have spent the last 2 weeks designing my own website with the help of a wonderful website called
I have to say as someone who knows hardly anything about web design, I am loving their drag and drop features! What fun! I have spent many hours in front of my computer simply playing with all the different options they supply. If you are in the market for wonderful flash websites, portfolios, flyers and even MySpace layouts, Wix is the editor for you. Check it out. Best part about it: it's free!

Now all I have to do is get myself a domain name next payday and will be up and running! I'm so excited!

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