Due to unforseen production trouble with the supplier of my carving material, I will not be able to accept custom orders for stamps right now. She's having difficulty with the product production so I am in a stall pattern at the moment. I suppose it gives me the opportunity to focus on filling up my Paperie section since I only have one card listed. I just ordered some really cute envies from an online envelope company, so I can't wait until they get here!

As always, I have a million different ideas of things I could make and not enough hours in my day to focus on making them. I promise you I am working on it, though. I checked into places that could produce a rubber stamp image from my own designs to see if it be economical and found an interesting potential option for sometime in the future. I'm keeping that one on the back burner for now as I don't have the steady influx of finances to make it happen right now. Someday I will though! I know it.

October has been a good month for me. I am very pleased. I've been implementing more marketing advice and spending more time optimizing my productivity (which means simply less messing around when I need to be working) and I can see some results.

Thank you again to all who participated in my online survey last month. The results have been food for much thought and were encouraging to me. I am developing a couple new product ideas which are still in the tweaking stage, but hopefully I can implement them before the holidays to help with sales.

Hope you all have a wonderful week. Mine will be a busy one as usual.
Bless you,

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