Paperie projects......the order of the day

Ahh...finally. I am working this week on filling up the Paperie section in the shop. It's been very empty since I sold the last journal I had. I will get cracking and make some more of those here in the next month, but for now I am working on the stationery end of things. I made a couple of this card yesterday just for fun.

Today I'll be trying my hand at something new. I found some really cute A10 envies in a shop online the other day which inspired me to try some A10 cards. These are the ones that would fit in a business sized (or #10) envelope, for those of you who might not know what an A10 is. To be honest, I didn't either until I looked it up.

These cards are sometimes called "tall and skinny". I thought I should think up a new cute name to call them in the shop. My son thinks I should call them "longjohns"......I think I really like it. Or I could call them "longjanes".....hmmm. We'll see what I decide when it's time to list.

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