While we sleep.....

I woke up to a treat today. There were two messages in my etsy inbox notifying me that one of my items has been chosen to be part of someone's treasury! What fun! Here are the links to the respective treasuries so you can check them out, but remember that the treasury is only available for a few days before it expires. Enjoy!

"Sneakers on the Fly" by justjanesthings
"The jewels that CAST fall colors!" by  my fellow C.A.S.T. team member abbasgirl

Thanks ladies! You made my day.

I'm also working on a custom stamp order for Boise Beanie Company over on 1000markets. Check out her great little shop for the cutest beanies for your little bean! Here's my favorites:

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lemonade sun productions said...

I really should try to snag a treasury again. They are such fun to make.