Friday Find........Etsy Ireland team!

Good Morning! Ahhh...the sun is shining, the air is sweet with spring and I am here with my lovely cup of tea. What could be better than this?

How about this lovely box filled with wonderful goodies to marvel over, hmmmm?!

Back on St. Patty's Day, as I browsed through Etsy's forums...(a thing that is becoming more of a treat now that I only get to do so about once a week instead of daily)...searching for anything interesting, I stumbled upon an intriguing post from the Etsy Ireland team about a team treasure hunt. I had read a few other posts in the past about team treasure hunts, but had never taken the time to figure out exactly what they are and how they work. Hmmm....interesting.

According to the post by Ruth of Nicedaydesigns on the Etsy Ireland Team's blog, all I had to do was follow the clues to each participating shop and search through their items for one that had a picture looking like the one below with a letter in it.

Then I had to unscramble the 13 letter phrase and submit my answer. Sounded easy enough, so I gave it a go. There are over 100 crafters in the Etsy Ireland Team and they all have so many wonderful shops that I have to confess....I had to remind myself what I was doing quite a few times as I would find myself getting distracted with so many of their amazing shops! In the end, I finally was able to unscramble the phrase (which was "Crafty Ireland", by the way) and submit it to Ruth. It was with great delight that I read Ruth's convo to me announcing that I had WON the treasure hunt! I was so excited I was bouncing up and down!

Want to know what I won???  .......................................Ok, I'll show you!

The first thing I had to do after the box arrived in the mail was clear off the kitchen table so I could lay everything out and photograph. It was like Christmas and my birthday all in one! :) I love seeing how each person presents their items. Wonderful creativity. Ok, so here we go:

first up is a selection of beautiful cards from LuckyRainbowDesigns

on the left is a selection of cards and tags from PropellerPrints
and on the right are two cards and a set of fridge magnets featuring lovely artwork from Brid Bird 

I loved how Beth Egan of magpieandbutton packaged her wonderful green button ring. What a treat to open!

Ok, top left: a beautiful handmade baby ball with a bell rattle inside by PatchworkDelights
On the top right: a gorgeous little knit cardigan by Irish Woolen
(I have a little niece due in May, so I know right where these lovelies will be going!)
On the bottom left is a knit shamrock barette from Purls of Colour
and on the bottom right is a handmade hairband from tanyamac

Top left: my selection of things from Nice Day Designs ...the DIY queen button really gave me a laugh as many of my friends often refer to me as such.....if only I looked that good!
On the bottom is a fun little handmade bag from 2Boos

These lovelies from Laura Cassidy Design are beautiful, aren't they?

and these "Wee Shamrock earrings" by Balanced are amazing.

Gayle from Palace Gems did a wonderful job on these simple little beauties. Those green pearls are lovely. 
(I think they are my favorites...though it's hard to decide)
Gayle, I could not find your Etsy shop so I linked to your website instead.

and these are just beautiful don't you think?
Anastasija from Lightkeeping did a wonderful job on them.

These sketches by Bridget Farmer mesmerized my children. We all loved them.
(she is traveling at present and will return sometime in the end of April)
and last, but not least:

Oh I love lil' Paddy here enjoying his Guinness in a quiet pub. I'll have to find somewhere perfect to place him on my wall so I can show him off to all my visitors.

Well, please click on the links to each of these wonderful Etsy artisans' shops (which I have painstakingly looked up and made available just for your convenience). They all have such wonderful items I'm sure you will come away with several new favorites! Also, check out the Etsy Ireland Team's blog so you can keep up with their many happenings. Who knows........maybe YOU'LL be the next winner of one of their fun little treasure hunts!

A special thanks to Ruth of NiceDayDesigns who gathered and orchestrated the delivery of my fabulous little goodie box all the way from Ireland. Thank you for not drooling in the box ;)

Bless you all for your creativity and willingness to share it. I'm going to sit back, sip my tea and pour over all these wonderful gifts one more time.

Hope your day is wonderful.


Alex said...

Hi Melody
Great to see that your box of goodies from our treasure hunt arrived and lovely to see all the things laid out on your table. They look delicious in such a big, beautiful array! Hope you enjoy and thanks for taking part and supporting the Crafty Ireland team.
Alex from Propellerprints

ViviBijoux said...

Congrats Melody, fabulous irish eye candy here!

Magpie and Button said...

Well done Melody! Everything looks lovely, thanks for sharing with us!
magpie and button

nicedaydesigns said...

Hi Melody
Thanks again for doing this great post about your win, the pics look fantastic...oh it was hard work letting go of the package when I went to the post office. But then the team members would have lynched me if I kept it :(

balanced. said...

haha, no lynching.
I had no idea what was in the final prize, that's quite the haul!

So pleased that you liked everything! Thank you for taking part in the hunt and for taking the time to link back to all of our shops. :)


patchworkdelights said...

Wow how lovely to see all the goodies together! Well done again for winning the treasure! Thank you for writing and photographing all the prizes with such meticulous detail and our shop links. All the best

Melody said...

Oh you're welcome! Everyone made such wonderful items it's hard to choose a favorite! I really love the idea of a treasure hunt. I am thinking of suggesting it to a couple of the teams I am on. Who knows....maybe one of you will win something from lemonade sun productions sometime :) Wouldn't that be fun!

[incidently, part of my family immigrated here from Ireland (somewhere in either Cork or Kerry county I think) oh so many years ago and my sister-in-law and her hubby are currently living in Belfast for the next few years working with Youth With a Mission so my heart was instantly drawn to your team. Someday, maybe I'll get to visit all of you on holiday.....]

Purls said...

Hi Melody,

thanks for writing this lovely article and providing us with some beautiful pictures of all the treasures! It must have been so exciting to open this wonderful parcel!

Enjoy all the goodies!!!

LuckyRainbowDesigns by Rebecca said...

Wow thanks so much for featuring me!! I hope you loved the cards!! Congrats on winning!!! :)

Craft said...

wow! alot of great stuff!!! Fun fun fun!!