It pays to have good friends!

A while back I sent out an introductory email to my contact list trying to get my name out there. I'm sure some of you were probably on that list. Well, one of my friends passed on the email to HER contact list and yesterday morning I got a call from someone from church who had "gotten a message to check out a fun little website" and she wanted to place an order! She bought 4 things! I was so happy I nearly screamed......ok, after I got off the phone I let out a little squeal or two...and I did the happy dance around the room while my hubby smirked at me. WHATEVER, DUDE! Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

Hooray! Thanks, Teri, for passing my shop info along! That simple act has blessed me big time. (Thanks to anyone else who passed on my info to their friends. I appreciate it a ton!)

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