I am the chosen one!

Hooray! I checked my shop this afternoon and I had a convo from designingit telling me she had picked my Blue Lagoon Scarf to add to her Treasury. Check it out! It is absolutely gorgeous!

I finally got some new stuff listed last night after a monumental argument with my computer all day. It was just being way too slow to do everything. After consulting the appropriate wise counsel, I did a system restore and soon enough I was flying through the listing process.

I am currently working on some new stamp designs and have several quote stamps in the works as well. I am hoping to list them next week.

My mind is full of amazing ideas for new things. I have found that I not only need to carry a notebook with me wherever I go, but now I stash one in the car and near the computer.

I am toying with the idea of making the stamped onesies again, but I would need to find a wholesale deal on onesies in order to make any money. We'll think about that a bit more for a while.

Well, back to work! I've got a custom order to fill.

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