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Well folks, after weeks and weeks.......well, months actually.......of checking out site after site and building multiple website designs and asking everyone I know who would know anything at all about anything related to website design, I've spent the last month flip-flopping between two possible designs on two very different sites.

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The questions all boil down to this one: what is going to provide me with a professional looking website that my business will be able to grow into over the next few years for the most affordable price?

After much mental debate and a few pro/con lists, I have decided to go with Weebly.com for my website hosting. They offer a pro package that includes a domain name (yes, I checked and mine is available) for only $39.95/year. There are many really nice features available and they recently added several new choices to their line up...including an e-commerce option. I've spent hours customizing one of their templates and adding my information. Now the only thing left to do if finish uploading my products and waiting for my next couple of sales to cover the cost.

I've dreamed about setting up lemonadesun.com for many months now and I was beginning to get frustrated that things weren't working out like I thought they would. While Weebly.com is not my first choice for what I had in mind, it is a very good second choice and I am excited to see it finalized in the near future.

Have any of you created your own websites? Did you agonize over the decisions as much as I did? When you spend so much time creating wonderful handmade products and you are trying to create a real business from it, it's sometimes hard to make a choice because you don't want to have to keep adjusting the look of things over and over if it's not just right. That's a LOT of work! and can be confusing to your customers.

Thankfully, I am almost done. It might have been easier to hire a computer geek to do it for me, but I'm not very good at describing what I want all the time and ....well, they can be downright expensive! This way, I may have given myself a few headaches, but I will not only have saved the extra expense, but I will also have the pride and satisfaction of saying that I did it all MYSELF. In the end, it will all be worth it.

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Euro Grand said...
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Piggy said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to see your new website :)

God Bless