One of those days.....

Ever have one of those days where it seems the world is on the wrong side of your universe? Where everything that needs to go right goes so wrong too quickly? Well, that's what kind of day I'm having today.

Waking up this morning, I was not prepared for the irritation the events of the day would bring. As I walked downstairs to begin the Monday morning ritual of breakfast and school lunch preparation, I could not see the impending cloud that would soon settle over me. Getting 4 children (all a bit grouchy) fed and prepared for their day and out the door on time is always a major feat. Saying goodbye to my husband as he heads off to work, I put on my taxi hat and deliver 3 kids to their respective learning institutions. Upon arriving back at headquarters, I situate my 5 year old in front of his favorite cartoon for a few minutes and begin my Monday routine with a cup of tea at the computer to check on business things online.

On the to-do list today was filling an order for 5 custom stamps, updating the blog and the usual twitter and facebook posting. Knowing how I am so easily distracted by the computer, I began with carving, telling myself that I would use the "carrot" of computer time as a reward for completing each stamp. That is when the cloud descended. About halfway through the first stamp, the exacto blade slipped and I stabbed my pinky finger. OUCH! Bleeding, I hunt for the firstaid kit (which is, of course, not where it is supposed to be) to get a bandaid. Sighing, I decide to take a break and check on my blog. Everything is going well until......I decide to try a new look. I had come across a new template that I loved and since things were slow and it's easy enough to switch, I thought I'd go ahead and try it out.

Being a little computer saavy, I knew to download a copy of my current template just in case the new one didn't work out or I ended up not liking it. I downloaded it right to my desktop. So far so good. Then I installed the new one. It didn't like some of the extras I had added to the old one, so it asked to delete them. I thought to myself, "that's fine 'cuz I have the copy of how it looked before saved on the desktop." Delete? sure. click. On with the show. I love the layout so I decide to keep it and add the things it deleted from the other template back to the new one by hand. I open the saved template from my desktop and ........that's right- it's not there. Well, technically, it is there but there's some problem (which I don't know how to fix) that prevents it from being opened. *...sigh......*

One thing lead to another today and here I am at the end of the day shaking my head in amazement. Really? Ok, God. I'm gonna chalk this one up to character building and move on. Hopefully tomorrow my little world will be on the right side of the universe again.

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