Friday Finds....spoonfullofchocolate

Alrighty, here it is another gorgeous Friday and have I got a fabulous Friday Find for you! I stumbled across this particular Etsy seller's shop through a post in the forums. When I checked out a mini of her shop (which is one option available with the Etsyhacks add on from Greasemonkey) I was enchanted right away!

Spoonfullofchocolate sells book bags. No really! Purses made from the covers of your favorite books. No pages are harmed during the purse making process. She takes gently used books and carefully removes the covers to form the outer foundation of her purses. She then creates a sleeve and wraps it back on to the fully in-tact book and donates that to a Refugee Center called the IRC in Arizona, where she lives.

Born out of a desire to help her father save the house he built with his own hands, the business is a blessing to him by donating 100% of the profits to save the house. I wish her much success as well. Please check out her profile to learn more about it and consider buying one of her masterpieces for yourself or that bibliophile on your gift list. Remember, Christmas is not that far away :)

Here is my favorite example of her lovely products:
The Jane Austin Pride and Prejudice book


Spoonfulofchocolate said...

Thank you so much for featuring me! Beautifully written!

Mike's Hemp Bracelets said...

That is so Awesome!

Melody said...

Isn't it?! She is so creative! I am saving up money to buy one for myself as soon as I get the chance :)