Friday Finds....ShopRedLeaf

Another fabulous Friday Find:

While perusing the multitudes of products from the many talented bath and body artisans on Etsy, I came across something that caught my eye right away.

fabulous shaving soap. These would be a great gift for my husband for Father's Day. I love the simplicity of the labels. Everything about the product reminded me of my husband's style. Intrigued, I clicked to see more pictures. That's when I found these:

Bubble Bath Dough! What an interesting product. Being a bath enthusiast, I was enchanted by the idea of a bubble bath dough. That got an immediate heart from me and is now at the top of my Christmas Wish List! *Wonder what other lovely treats ShopRedLeaf has to offer?*

Now I'm totally hooked. I spent a good hour checking out each product he offers trying to decide which one to feature today and I just couldn't decide. Everything in the shop is a product I would proudly give as a gift and gladly use myself everyday. What a wonderful shop! Please check it out and add a few things to YOUR Christmas lists.

If you are like me and couldn't make up your mind, you could always do what I did and buy some of these samples:

So, here's my shout out to ShopRedLeaf on Etsy! Great job, and blessings on your business. You've got a fan right here.

Enjoy your Friday,

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Red Leaf said...

Wow! What a nice write-up! I really appreciate it very much, thank you Melody:) - Chris