A Tuesday treasury.....

Good Morning everyone! Happy Tuesday.

I thought I would share with you a little treat I woke up to this morning. Nancy over at NancysBagsEtc on Etsy has included my lovely "My Heart" earrings

in her Reds and Swirls treasury!

Thank you, Nancy! Your treasury is gorgeous.

Please check out her shop full of beautiful bags. I'm sure you will each find something you love.

(Sorry about the cropped picture of the treasury. I can't seem, for the life of me, to figure out how to get a capture a complete screen shot of any treasury and it is so frustrating. If anyone would like to share this knowledge with me I would be extremely grateful!)

Well, I hope you all enjoy your Tuesday. I'm going to sit back and soak up the bright rays of sunshine pouring in my studio window. I think spring is just beginning to burst forth here in rainy Oregon and I am more than ready for it. My body is starving for sunshine. I say bring on Spring.....and on into glorious Summer!

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