To tickle your funny bone...

I just received an email from my bestie with some funny little stories and I instantly thought I just HAD to share them with you all. A little something to pick up your day. Here you go:

Who says Troopers have no sense of humor?!

In most northern tier states there is a police policy of checking on any stalled vehicle when temperatures are in the single digits or below. About 3:00 a.m. one very cold morning, a Montana State Trooper responded to a call that there was a car off the shoulder of the road outside Great Falls.

He located the car, stuck in deep snow and with the engine running. Pulling in behind the car with his emergency lights flashing, the trooper walked to the driver’s door, to find an older man passed out behind the wheel with a nearly empty vodka bottle on the seat beside him.

The driver came awake when the trooper tapped on the window. Seeing the rotating lights in his rearview mirror, and the trooper standing next to his car, the man panicked. He jerked the gearshift into ‘drive’ and hit the gas. The car’s speedometer was showing 20-30-40 and then 50 MPH, but the car was still stuck in the snow, wheels spinning.

Trooper Nixon, having a sense of humor, began running in place next to the speeding (but stationary) car. The driver was totally freaked, thinking the trooper was actually keeping up with him. This went on for about 30 seconds, then the trooper yelled, “PULLOVER!” The man nodded, turned his wheel and stopped the engine.

The man from North Dakota was arrested and is probably still shaking his head over the state trooper in Montana who could run 50 miles per hour.

The power of a badge...

DEA officer stops at a ranch in Texas , and talks with an old rancher. He tells the rancher, "I need to inspect your ranch for illegally grown drugs." The rancher says, "Okay, but do not go in that field over there," as he points out the location.

The DEA officer verbally explodes saying, "Mister, I have the authority of the Federal Government with me." Reaching into his rear pants pocket, he removes his badge and proudly displays it to the rancher. "See this badge? This badge means I am allowed to go wherever I wish. On any land. No questions asked or answers given. Have I made myself clear? Do you understand? "

The rancher nods politely, apologizes, and goes about his chores. A short time later, the old rancher hears loud screams and sees the DEA officer running for his life chased by the rancher's big Santa Gertrudis bull. With every step the bull is gaining ground on the officer, and it seems likely that he'll get gored before he reaches safety. The officer is clearly terrified.

The rancher throws down his tools,runs to the fence and yells at the top of his lungs.....

"Your badge.. Show him your BADGE! "

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