Life Happens...

Do you ever feel like everything is in a fog? Like your life is one big blur? That's how I've been feeling for the last two months. It can be extremely frustrating to an artist. Despite all my brainstorming, I have not been able to focus on the business because life keeps getting in the way. I don't know how single moms or other successful working moms do it every day. How do they balance work and family and have enough time to get anything accomplished? It is often a mystery to me.

My children are growing up quickly (my oldest is a freshman this!...and I have one in 8th grade, one in 5th and one in 1st) and I don't want to miss any milestones in their lives. For me, that means I have to let the business sort of float along on itself while I attend soccer and volleyball games, band concerts, make an endless supply of lunches, accompany classes on field trips to pumpkin patches, help 1st graders learn how to read, coach a brilliant freshman through geometry, encourage an 8th grader to become more self-reliant and responsible, assure a blossoming 5th grader that she is beautiful and be there every day after school to help them all recover from their exhausting day. That often doesn't leave much time for me to focus on my vision for a business, but honestly, I wouldn't trade it for the world. It IS difficult and frustrating, but I have to keep my perspectives in order. My children need a Mom who is there...completely.

So, if you've been wondering what's new with lemonade sun productions, or you've been concerned that I've fallen off the grid, you can rest assured that while I may be off the grid it just means I'm probably on the field cheering for one of my children. I am still here and I am working in the background when I can steal away a few moments (usually late, late at night when the rest of the house is asleep) to focus on my little business.

I guess this is how it is done. At least for now.

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