something old....something new........

Hello there!
Things may have seemed all quiet here on the western front, but let me assure you there has been much stirring under the surface.

Well, first thing's first. I'm sure you've noticed the new blog layout. I am still working on connecting all the dots and figuring out how to tweak all the code to get it to do what I want (...grr...sigh...), but rest assured that it will not always be so disjointed. I am working on it when I can steal a few minutes away to submerge my brain in code-speak. This is so very out-of-character for me as my perfectionistic qualities usually will not allow me to put anything out there in public that is not 100% complete and as I like it. What can I say, I'm stepping out and stretching boundaries............

Speaking of stretching.....I am working on an extra special project this week that is giving me flashbacks to my glory days. Once upon a time, I worked as a cake decorator on the side. I even made my own wedding cake! But, I don't often make this crafty aspect of myself known, so you can imagine my surprise when I received a phone call from someone in the church office a few months ago asking if I would consider making a wedding cake for someone. Oh my goodness! I haven't made any "official" cakes in a very long time, though I do occasionally go all out on a birthday party or two. I took a few days to consider it (read: pray intensely about whether I should attempt such a thing after so long a hiatus from the skills) and felt like I should say yes and accept the provision God was supplying from this unexpected opportunity. I am now in the middle of a massively nerve-racking undertaking (I mean, this is someone's once-in-a-lifetime day we're talking about here!) and I have to tell you I am having so much FUN! There are so many creative and innovative designs for wedding cakes out there it's truly amazing. Here are a few I've found that I really like (the bride's color is aqua or teal):
I love the alternating color in this one

and the simplicity of this one. I will probably do something like this.

or like this one (minus the polka dots)
gorgeous and elegant

I have a MOPS friend (that stands for Mothers of PreSchoolers for those of you who are wondering) who is an absolutely AMAZING photographer and I just love to look through all the photos she has on her gorgeous blog. Wow! When you have a second, check it out for yourself. Avayah Photography.

Be prepared to ooooo and aahhhhh a lot! ...I prefer to ooo and aahhh with a delicious cup of tea in hand, but that's my personal preference :)

You can look forward to pictures at the end of the week. (though they will be nothing like Karen's as I am not yet accomplished enough to understand the inner-most workings of my new camera......YET!)

p.s. I still can't believe that I had the wherewithall almost 15 years ago to make MY OWN wedding cake! I'm either absolutely off my rocker insane or the more likely explanation is that I sincerely believe that "can't" means "won't".  I will look for the photos of that one and post them if I can.

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