I apologize if you've been wondering why I haven't been posting lately. I've had a bit of trouble with my computer. It started when I noticed it was running more slowly than usual. After finding that the usual maintanence wasn't fixing the problem I resorted to my favorite computer guy. In casual conversation about it we discussed the possibility of having to wipe out the hard drive and reinstall everything. I told him to do whatever he had to to fix it and to save my pictures. A little busier than usual with his tech-y job, it took him a week to get enough time to work on it and it ended up that he did have to wipe out the hard drive, which he did.........but he forgot to save my pictures :(

I am grateful to him for fixing the problem because now my computer runs at lightspeed, but I mourned the loss of 3 years worth of pictures I cannot get back...some of which were of the last trip I got to take with my mother who passed away unexpectedly. Though I cannot get those pictures back, I have learned a VERY valueable lesson. ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR STUFF!

Among the things I lost were all of the spreadsheets I had painstakingly created and populated with all the information about my Etsy business since it began, all of the digital files and product pictures for everything on Etsy from my items to my banner and all the templates for things like tags, labels and earring cards....etc, etc.


Needless to say, I've been spending the past couple weeks attempting to restore all the missing items as best I could. It's exhausting.

Hopefully, I will be able to get back to creating again soon. For now I will at least get back to posting again.

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