Mar 15, 2009

A Winner and the end of Winter

Time's up! Hope you all got your names into the drawing for the custom hand-carved stamp GIVEAWAY in honor of my birthday. Drum roll, please...and the winner is:

(who shares my very same birthday, coincidentally!)

Congratulations, Sarah! I've sent you a convo thru Etsy and I can't wait to get started on your stamp.

Ok, now on to more exciting news. Here it is, nearly spring in this rainy Oregon country. The days are full of clouds heavy with precipitation that soaks the ground and prepares the earth for the growing season. The kind of weather that inspires a snuggle on the couch with a blanket, some hot tea or cocoa and a fascinating book.
Much as I would love to indulge in that snuggle, I have a busy life and business to attend to which draws me out into the elements. It's times like these that make me reach for my favorite scarf to wrap my neck in warmth and fend off the last bit of winter's chill.

So I was inspired to have a sale in my Etsy shop. A little treat for those of you also fending off the chill of these last days of winter....or the start of the fall season if you live on the other side of the planet. Either way, here's your opportunity to save money and enjoy that snuggly feeling at the same time.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SCARF SALE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Limited time only

Now's the time to get that lovely scarf you've
had saved in your favorites for so long or to
buy yourself or someone special a beautiful handmade
treat to keep them warm and snuggly in the cold weather.
Don't see your favorite color? Send me a convo. I'd love
to create a custom order for you!

Sale ends March 31st

Happy nearly Spring everyone! Now go buy a scarf!

Mar 2, 2009

My Birthday Giveaway...

Well, folks, it's that lovely time of year again when I get to claim being one year older and hopefully wiser. My birthday is officially tomorrow, but I want to celebrate it starting today with another wonderful blog GIVEAWAY!

What should I give away this time? Hmmmmm........Well, I'm feeling rather generous, so I will give away a custom stamp of your choice up to 3"x3"in size! Do you have a picture of your kiddos you'd like to have made into a stamp? How about your shop? Need a stamp of your logo or shop address made? Have an idea for a stamp you've always wanted to buy? Send me a a convo in my etsy shop and we'll work out a design.

Just for fun, and because it's my birthday, I want to know when your Golden Birthday is. If you aren't sure what this is, you'd better ask around or google it to find the answer. Mine was 3 years.

Ok, so to be clear, you must post your golden birthday in a comment to this blog post with your name and a way to contact you if you should be the winner. That will get your name into my lovely drawing bowl. The contest will be open for entries until 11pm March 14th when the winner will be picked by random drawing.

Just for kicks, here are some of the stamps I've carved for my etsy shop and in my letterboxing days for you to check out:

(click any picture to see it up close)
So tell all your friends and be sure to enter before March 14th so you can win a custom stamp of your choosing!



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