Nov 30, 2008

Cyber Monday is nearly here!

So how many of you strategized a plan for the Black Friday sales? Anyone get up at the crack of dawn...or maybe the backside of dawn before its crack was even seen... to freeze your mitts and other bits in the pre-light chill in order to score that special toy for whomever was on your gift lists? Hmmmm???

Not me, thanks! That whole bag o' beans is NOT my thing. It would have to be a 100% off sale in order to provide enough enticement for me to venture into the midst of a human-crushing crowd machine like that! No Way!

Honestly, I am thrilled for those of you who enjoy saving money so much that you would risk life and limb just to acquire that one special item at a discount I will most likely see in another 6 months anyway, and I am baffled by those who actually THRIVE on this particular thrill. *shakes her head in amazement*

Well, it's not over yet, folks. Tomorrow is lauded as "Cyber Monday". Apparently touted as the internet equivalent of the physical world's retail Black Friday. (I wasn't aware there even was such a thing before opening this business!)

As most of you know already, I am running a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale in my etsy shop. Tomorrow is your last day to save 20% off everything in the shop, so come on people! Get out there and buy that cute little pair of earrings you loved, or that beautiful scarf or journal. The best part of it all is that your little fingers will stay nice and toasty warm as you click away on those buttons! You can buy those last gifts to finish off your list from the comfort of your own pjs or even shop in your underwear if you wish......whatever floats your boat, I guess.

Ok, I'm off to do a little shopkeeping before bed in preparation for all of you to come clicking on my shop door in the morning! Here's hoping your Holidays are wonderful and full of all the good stuff!

*live happy*

Nov 28, 2008

Black Friday Sale extended!

-new listings daily!

Check back often for new listings throughout the weekend! This is the perfect time to find that special handmade something for that special someone.


Nov 27, 2008

Black Friday Sale!

Ok, come on over and shop til your heart's content.

20% off everything in the shop all day November 28th!

Got those last minute gifts or stocking stuffers all taken care of.

There is still time for me to do a custom order for you if you see something you like but want to tweak it a bit.

Nov 20, 2008

I am the chosen one!

Hooray! I checked my shop this afternoon and I had a convo from designingit telling me she had picked my Blue Lagoon Scarf to add to her Treasury. Check it out! It is absolutely gorgeous!

I finally got some new stuff listed last night after a monumental argument with my computer all day. It was just being way too slow to do everything. After consulting the appropriate wise counsel, I did a system restore and soon enough I was flying through the listing process.

I am currently working on some new stamp designs and have several quote stamps in the works as well. I am hoping to list them next week.

My mind is full of amazing ideas for new things. I have found that I not only need to carry a notebook with me wherever I go, but now I stash one in the car and near the computer.

I am toying with the idea of making the stamped onesies again, but I would need to find a wholesale deal on onesies in order to make any money. We'll think about that a bit more for a while.

Well, back to work! I've got a custom order to fill.

It pays to have good friends!

A while back I sent out an introductory email to my contact list trying to get my name out there. I'm sure some of you were probably on that list. Well, one of my friends passed on the email to HER contact list and yesterday morning I got a call from someone from church who had "gotten a message to check out a fun little website" and she wanted to place an order! She bought 4 things! I was so happy I nearly screamed......ok, after I got off the phone I let out a little squeal or two...and I did the happy dance around the room while my hubby smirked at me. WHATEVER, DUDE! Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

Hooray! Thanks, Teri, for passing my shop info along! That simple act has blessed me big time. (Thanks to anyone else who passed on my info to their friends. I appreciate it a ton!)

Nov 13, 2008

1st Sale Already!!!!

Hooray! I made my first sale in less than 24 hours of posting my items in the shop! Fantastic!

Thank you to The CrackedCup for buying my Cracked Ice earrings. (If you're curious or don't remember them you can check the shop under sold items to see a pic.) You can click on her name to visit her shop. She sells lovely handmade scarves.

I've been pretty busy these last few days creating new jewelry to add to the shop. I also crocheted a couple scarves so I can fill out those empty categories. Today, my goal is to carve a bunch of stamp sets and get them in there. I know a few of you are anxiously awaiting the arrival of some stamps. My goal is to have 5 sets done and posted by the weekend.

I think I will take advantage of the sunshine today and retake my pictures outside to see if that helps. I was using a homemade lightbox I built using this tutorial I found on The Strobist's blog. It works well for small things, but some of my pictures turned out dark. I manipulated them a little in Photoshop, but that is a brand new program for me (multi-thanks to my computer know who you are!) and I am still learning how to use it.

Well, this day is getting away from me the longer I stay on here, so I am going to go for now. Be looking forward to my new pictures.

*live happy*

Nov 6, 2008

Grand Opening!

Welcome to lemonade sun productions!

I am so glad you stopped by. I've been working very hard these past couple weeks in preparation for the Holiday Shopping season. I am looking forward to seeing many of you in the shop hunting for treasures to give to the special people in your lives for the holidays.

*** Grand Opening on November 10th. ***

Here's our introductory flyer:

I am excited to see where this new adventure leads.
Click on the link in the shop name above to be taken to the shop site.


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